CHEN Xing  陈醒

Software Engineer

I'm a software engineer from Changchun, Jilin, China (Where is it?). I currently work for Google in the United States.

Mountain View, California, USA
cxcxcxcx at gmail(dot)com


Get around with a bike and find something fun! The following photos are mirrored from my Picasa album for access from mainland China.



2013.06SF, CA

Golden Gate Bridge


Animals @ SF bay


Mountain View, CA


My hometown!


Half Moon Bay, CA

2013.2Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ

2012Churchill, MB

Polar Bears!!

2012Churchill, MB

The Hudson Bay?

2013.07SF, CA

US Indepence Day

2012Vancouver, BC

Vancouver 2012


ICPC World Final

2010Vancouver, BC

Vancouver 2010

Bicycle Wheelprints

Mobile Applications

Xiang-Yin (乡音)2015

Voice sharing platform of Chinese dialects.


Sun Position2015

Locates the sun and computes insolation to your room.


Shi-Ji (史籍)2014

Reforms how ancient Chinese books are read. Sentence-by-sentence translation and an interactive footnote viewer. 4.8+ star!


GPS Watch2013

A Sony SmartWatch extension!

Fun Projects

JS Image Warpper2013

Warp images in your browser! Just for fun. Available in Javascript and C++. (Thanks Drupal Ye for his initial porting work.)

Demo GitHub

ASM Library2010

A C++/OpenCV 2 implementation of Active Shape Models, useful for locating landmark points on a face image.

Google Code


W-App turns web applications into native Linux applications, providing system tray icon, notification, ... Although at its early stage, it's usable and you can try it NOW.

Google CodeDetails

EduVIP Client2007-2010

As a client for "教育网直通车" (a once popular VPN), the PPTP/L2TP VPN Client with CLI and GUI (Python and PyGtk) was widely used among Chinese university Linux users.



Convert the encoding of Chinese MP3 tags to make them recognizable in Linux, Windows and common mobile devices.

Google Code


I translated and maintain the Simplified Chinese translation for Geogebra. Version 4.2+ is recommended for a better translation.


Some other mini-tools can be accessed from my Google Code page. AUR packages maintained by me can be foundhere.

Websites and Web Applications


A collaboration platform to help building high quality Linux documents in Chinese. The readability, validity and citations are top concerns of the website.

Visit (in Chinese)


The website for UBC Chinese Graduate Student Association (design and maintenance) (Organization discontinued).

中文 English

A School Alumni Site2005 - 2006

A full functional alumni website written in ASP from scratch during my high school years.

Link (not maintained)Details

QTHome.Org2002 - 2004

My first attempt to build a website. "QT" is the initial of the Pinyin of "interesting problems" (趣题) in Chinese.

Link (not maintained)



  • Software Engineer, Google2012-

    My current job.

  • Research Assistant, University of British Columbia2011 - 2012

    In the Lab of Computational Intelligence (LCI) and Imager .

    Teaching Assistant, University of British Columbia2010 - 2011

    TA for course CPSC 110 Computation, Programs and Programming.

  • Software Engineering Intern, Facebook2011

    Mainly about raw string indexing/searching on huge amounts of data, Unicode text processing, web UI design and system maintence.

Programming Contest

ACM-ICPC World Final2012

Our team, UBC!tied 18th among around 112 teams.

ACM-ICPC Pacific NW Region20102011

In the regional contest, our team was placed 2nd in 2011 and 4th in 2010.

National Olympiad in Informatics (China)20052004

Attended NOI twice as a representative of Jilin Province, but only got Third Prizes for both.